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fluschipranie 1.4.4 Download

How to use fluschipranie?

  1. You can begin using fluschipranie without delay skiping this step. Until an alert message appears signaling database quota exceded error. That means that the album could not be saved because you reached the default 5mb quota for databases. In order for this not to happen we are going to allocate 300MB(you could allocate more if 300MB doest not suffice) for fluschipranie, remember 1000kb=1MB approx., keeping that in mind we do the following:
    • Type opera:config in your opera address bar, press enter.
    • Click over the Persistent Storage button.
    • Increase Domain Quota For Databases from 5120 kb to 300000 kb.
    • Increase Global Quota For Databases from 102400 kb to 402400 kb.
    • Press save button below, close and restart opera.
  2. Once installed in order for fluschipranie to work you must be on a facebook page. Such page must contain albums links, as your albums section.
  3. To use fluschipranie move your mouse over an album link in any facebook page. Right click on it. A button will open with te text: "fluschipranie download", click it.
  4. If you have "prompt for options everytime" unchecked in your options page, skip this step. If not a popup will show up comprising album and prefix fields. Fill them if you want and press save, or simply press save with emtpy fields.
  5. If the album was saved successfully a notification will show up with the name of the album and the message: "album downloaded successfully". If an error occurred an error notification may or not appear.
  6. To see your saved albums. Click the top-right-most widget button, click "album browser" button. A new tab with all saved albums listed will open.
  7. To open an album click on it. A new tab with the photos pertaining to the album will be open.

The Widget Panel

  • prompt for options everytime checkbox By default this field is checked, which means that the default behaviour will be to prompt for prefix and album input in the popup everytime.
  • options This button is a shortcut for the extension's preferences.
  • album browser Pressing this button will open an albums' window.
  • help On pressing it, this site will be opened.

Fluschipranie Options

  • prefix inputphotos' prefix, default value: "default".
  • album inputalbums' name, default value: "default".
  • prompt for options everytimeprompt for prefix and album input everytime, default value: checked(true)
  • hide facebook'adshide ads, default value: "true.
  • fetch large imagesgrab large images if any: default value: "false".
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting a photodefault value: true(checked)
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting an albumdefault value: true(checked)
  • Languagesavailable languages.

Album Browser

  • Here you can see the albums you have saved. Albums with the same name can be diferenciated by their dates or number of pics.
  • When deleting an album all photos will be deleted or none if an error is encountered.
  • When opening an album all the photos will be displayed by rows of five, in their original sizes.
  • As with albums you can delete photos too.
  • You can save your album as an html file by pressing Cntr S while browsing an album.