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How to use fluschipranie?

Fluschipranie will allocate 100 MB for its database, if your need more space you can uplift that limit to a max value of 500 MB in safari's preferences. If you overpass this limit, be it 100 MB, 500MB, etc., fluschipranie will try to use database quota(the default is 5MB but you can rise it to 500 MB too).

If fluschipranie overpass all limits it will rise an exceded database quota error.

  1. To download a facebook album you must be navigating in facebook and pointing your mouse over an album link (be it your album section, wall section).
  2. To better understanding of the following steps open the options page, fluschipranie's toolbar's options button. Standing your mouse over the album link make right click, a menu will open with various items, including "fluschipranie download", click it as in the image.
  3. After clicking "fluschipranie's download" a popup with two input fields will open. This step may be optional, if you see your options page there is a checkbox "Prompt for options everytime" which is checked, that is why this popup appears. If you have it unchecked this popup will not appear and will use the values of the input fields in the options page. Input fields in either the options page or the popup can be empty, in such case the value "default" will be used.
  4. Once fluschipranie has the values for prefix and album it will try to store the album in database. If the storing task was successfull you will receive a notification such the following:

    The title indicates which database was used(fluschipranie db or facebook db). If an error occurs an alert will show up with a message if it is a normal error. The message will consist of a number code and a description if it is a database error. If the error is a database one the album won't be stored in any way.

  5. If all went well in step 4, you saved your album successfully. You may be wondering: where the heck is the album? Relax, it was not stored as a regular file would be but as database data. To view your stored albums and photos you must open the "album browser" clicking its button in the toolbar. A new tab will open with the details of your stored albums, if any:
  6. To view your photos click over any album you have displayed in the previous step. A new tab will open with your photos displayed in rows of 5. You have your album stored as database data and can access your photos anytime through fluschipranie's image browser, however you can save your albums to your hard disk too as a HTML file: how? Open an album through the image browser, press Cntrl + S and click save.
  7. If you need to extract the photos from the database as regular files, use fluschipranieExtractor, a program specially created for this. Press the fE button of fluschipranie's toolbar for more information.

The Toolbar

  • options Opens the preferences page.
  • album browser Opens a page with stored albums.
  • help Opens this site.
  • fE Opens fluschipranieExtractor site.

Fluschipranie Options

  • restore Set all options to their default values.
  • Prefix Photos' prefix, default value: "default".
  • Album Album's name, default value: "default".
  • Prompt for options everytime Prompt for prefix and album input everytime, default value: checked(true).
  • Save Save prefix or album field.
  • Hide facebook's ads Default value=true/checked, by default fluschipranie will hide ads.
  • Fetch large images Default value=false, by default fluschipranie will not fetch large images.
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting a photo Default value: true(checked).
  • Ask for confirmation when deleting an album Default value: true(checked).
  • Languages Fluschipranie's available locales. Default value: "default"(browser's default).

Album Browser

  • Here you can see the albums you have saved. Albums with the same name can be diferenciated by their dates or number of pics.
  • If fluschipranie has stored albums in facebook's database, you must have a tab with in it opened, otherwise the album browser won't list those albums.
  • When deleting an album all photos will be deleted or none if an error is encountered.
  • When opening an album all the photos will be displayed by rows of five, in their original sizes.
  • As with albums you can delete photos too.