I'm working in version 2.0.

It's been so long since I last updated this addon. Version 2.0 is ready, I am polishing some details. Regarding to the fact Firefox adopted webextensions I am with it, at first I was reluctant, because many capabilities of addons will be restricted. But now I think Firefox is in the right direction towards an addon standard.

Latest Version: 2.0

Latest Version fluschipranie 0.1.4.c Download

How to use fluschipranie?

Well, this version will work only on mobile facebook photos pages, with regard of photos. And on regular videos pages, but you would need to scroll down. Fluschipranie will download visibles videos only. Right click on any part of the page, click fluschipranie context command "ward". Files will be downloaded in fluschipranie folder, inside your download folder.